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Shrink Your Operational Costs

Technology is supposed to be a work enabler, not a hindrance, but when technology isn’t working the right way, business slows to a crawl. Many companies rely on a managed IT support service to keep running smoothly or get back up and running quickly when things go wrong.

IT issues can often arise without warning, and your managed IT support service should be there to make sure business is not impacted. When email isn’t working, when the network isn’t accessible, when you can’t print—all of these problems eat into your employee’s productivity.

According to a Forrester Research study commissioned by BCM software, “IT Friction” or routine IT problems across all employees cost Fortune 100 companies alone more than $100 billion dollars annually. In terms of man-hours, a study by a Dutch university indicated that over 8% of productive work hours are lost due to IT problems and user error.

Bad IT is the last thing you want employees building into their schedule. An available, capable managed IT support service that your employees aren’t afraid to utilize, minimizes work stoppage over IT issues.

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