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Why Idealworks

Our History

IDEALWORKS was founded in November 2012 by a group of highly skilled and astute IT experts focusing on various areas of IT Infrastructure i.e. messaging, networking, database and security. We listen carefully to understand your challenges and deliver unique holistic solutions with confidence to meet your objectives. We saw the need to systemise and streamline the customer service of the industry. IDEALWORKS initiated and implemented a totally distinctive professional service, which has become the cornerstone of this venture. Our experience and skill in IT infrastructure is unrivalled hence contributing the biggest potential growth in the market share of IT vendors in Malaysia.

Today, IDEALWORKS encompasses value-added IT services from infrastructure, office automation, advanced integration to maintenance. We provide a one-stop comprehensive service life-cycle management. Whether you need to differentiate your company, reinvent business functions or accelerate revenue growth, we can get you there.

Our Values

Over the years, IDEALWORKS has acquired in-depth knowledge, developed specific skill sets and project management capability to work with companies of varied sizes and industries. We have formulated efficient strategies, and being technically knowledgeable and well-equipped with customer relations skills we are able to work closely with our clients on projects of any size or scope. With our expertise, we will assist you to develop the right strategy to create effective technology and business solutions.

Our Trusted Team

As business technologists, IDEALWORKS understands business and IT, putting solutions and services to work that truly serve your business strategy. Business processes and continuity depend on reliable IT infrastructure. Unscheduled downtime and application failure can prove extremely costly and damaging to a company’s reputation so it is imperative to get work done efficiently, cost effectively and with professional results. As budgets shrink and application environments grow more complex, it pays to have an experienced IT partner.

IDEALWORKS upholds integrity, quality and value. Our key partners have brought 20 years of experience with impressive credentials and awards – Novell Most Innovative Partner in ASEAN in 2003 and the Microsoft Technical Excellence Award in 2005, earning a coveted position in IT infrastructure and services. Our highly-skilled business technologists will collaborate with your personnel to understand key product functionality and technology issues. We will then leverage that knowledge with our tools to recommend and implement processes to improve the quality of support services across your company.